I'm Brittany, professional food photographer to Virginia's best restaurants.

Who We Are

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Brittany! I'm a mom to the sweetest little boy ever. I'm proud to feed my son organic and healthy food - sometimes, right from my own garden. I'm an environmentalist. I love the glorious Shenandoah Valley so much I named my business after it. I'm a lover of 90's hip hop and progressive metal. I'm the world's biggest The Office fan. But most importantly, I'm an artist who gets overly excited about the sprinkles on my donuts, the way the sky looks like cotton candy when the sun sets, and getting the perfect shot for my clients.

My husband, Cory, can sometimes be found helping me in the studio or on location, assisting with lighting, props, or even being the source of the action behind pours, drips, drizzles, and dunk shots. He is a great photographer in his own right and I'm excited to be able to work alongside him when possible.

What We Do

I'm pleased to say that I specialize in food and product commercial photography. Photography is vital for businesses to draw in customers and stand out from the crowd, and it's my goal to help showcase what makes your business unique, fun, and delicious.

I photograph food, beverages, and products, in my studio and on location. Most of my images are shot using artificial light for consistency and versatility, but natural light is always in my back pocket. I have an ever growing collection of props and backdrops to match your needs.

I desire to create strong relationships with my clients. Beyond providing a service, I'm a genuine partner to my clients. I achieve this by learning about your business, needs, and goals to provide you with photographs that entice customers, showcase your products in their best light and grow your business.

I'm based in Staunton, Virginia, but I travel throughout the region.

I would love to get to know you and learn all about your business. Don't be a stranger! Drop me an email or fill out my contact form and let's talk about your dreams for the future and how I can help you get there.

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